Steffen Nowak 
Maker of fine Violins, Violas and Cellos in baroque and modern style
75 Sylvia Avenue, Bristol, BS3 5BU, UK  tel +44 (0) 117 9777141





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Instruments available    More info, trials -  please enquire

Not everything is listed - email me for latest availabilty.


NEW Violin after Gaspar Lorenzini & Stradivari
- update soon

NEW Violin after Guarneri del Gesu small model - Lady's size

NEW Violin after A. Stradivari

Violin by Richard Tobin, London 1820 small model - Lady's size

Violin after Guarneri del Gesu

Baroque Violin after N.Amati

Violin after Carlo Bergonzi
available to view in Berlin

Baroque Violin after J.Stainer
available to view in Bristol & Newbury

My Violin models

Instrument Archive


Violin after Guarneri

Violin after Stradivari


Cello after Stradivari

Please enquire about all my available instruments.


Cello after Stradivari 1712 'Davidov' (756mm) NEW

Cello after Stradivari B-form (740mm)

Cello after Stradivari 1712 'Davidov' (756mm)

Cello after Stradivari B-form (740mm)  Sold

My Cello Models

Instrument Archive

Please enquire about all my available instruments.


Viola after Grancino 16 1/4'' 413mm  New

Viola after Guarneri 16 1/8'' 410mm  New

Viola after Mantegatia 15 7/8'' 403mm  New

Viola after Gasparo da Salo 15 1/2'' 390mm ex. Kievman

Viola after A. Guarneri 15 3/4'' 400mm

Viola after Gasparo da Salo 16 1/2'' 422mm

Baroque Viola after Grancino 16'' 406mm Sold


Viola after Da Salo


My different Viola models

About my Viola models and sizes

Instrument Archive

Viola after A.Guarneri 16'' 406mm


Instruments on the bench - finished/in progress:

Violins & Violas (16 - 16.25- 16.5'') after Grancino, Guarneri, Stradivari, Mantegatia and Lorenzini.

More info, trials -  please enquire

Viola scroll