Steffen Nowak, Maker of fine Violins, Violas and Cellos in baroque and modern style

Violin after Gaspare Lorenzini, Piacenza ca. 1780


After Gaspar Lorenzini of Piacenza, a J.B. Guadagnini student.
Instruments by Lorenzini are rare, even more so as they have often been falsely relabelled, just like the original I model mine on. That one bears a filius Guarneri label and was certified and sold as such in the early 20th. century.

A warm, vibrant and responsive sounding instrument.
Made from old tonewoods, a beautifully figured one-piece back of Bosnian maple and Italian spruce from the 'Stradivari forest' for the front.
The oil varnish a transparent and reflective warm orange - brown, lightly shaded.
Now vailable to try in London (at Guiviers, Mortimer Street).



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