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Cello after Antonio Stradivari 'B' form, 740mm model SOLD

My personal version of a smaller Stradivari style cello, originally made for a client in Scotland. The original Stradivari 'Forma B' was the blue print for his many golden period Celli. By subtly redrawing his original outline I arrived at a body length of 740mm and a 680mm string length (as found in many old English Celli). This is a very comfortable cello to play without compromising on performance.
This cello has a superb 30 year old Alpine spruce front (purchased from the estate of the late David Rubio, Cambridge). The back and ribs of well seasoned Bosnian maple. The transparent oil varnish of golden, orange - red colour. Its' sound is evenly balanced, responsive and powerful. It has already impressed a couple of visiting professional cellists.
Bruno Schrecker, former cellist of the Allegri stringquartet and a regular 'test player' of my cellos was also very complimentary (...a cello I would have been more then happy to play in my professional career).

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