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Violoncello after Antonio Stradivari 1712 'Davidov'

A new 'modern' set up cello after the golden period Forma B by A.Stradivari - and inspired by the 1712 ex Davidov - Jaqueline du Pré - Yo-Yo Ma).
The model fulfils most players idea of a full-size cello - 756mm length over the back, a belly stop of 400mm and a free string length of 690mm. The proportion of this cello makes it comfortable to play in all positions. The tonal range and response are excellent, and this makes it a player’s instrument.
With well-seasoned wood used throughout, the deeply flamed Bosnian maple back and ribs is complimented by an Italian Alpine spruce front with excellent weight to stiffness ratio.
The lightly shaded oil varnish of a rich warm orange red brown.
Now available to try in London (at Guiviers, Mortimer Street). 

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