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Violoncello after Antonio Stradivari , the 'Davidov' 1712



My newest Cello after the well known and much liked golden period cellos (forma B) of the Cremonese master Antonio Stradivari. Having served as a model since the time of the French copyists, it is a wonderful proportioned instrument to reinterpret with flair, rather then the too often clinical precision. This full size cello measures 756mm over the back, has a string length of 690mm, well proportioned and easy to play. The sound from 'new' is rich with a deep C string and evenly balanced over its range. It should develop nicely and has attracted some very postive comments from visiting cellists.
Bruno Schrecker, former cellist of the Allegri stringquartet and a regular 'test player' of my cellos was very complimentary about the latest offering (...a cello I would have been more then happy to play in my professional career. ).

The back is of well seasoned European maple, scroll and ribs from the same set, an old Alpine spruce front with straight strong regular grain, the oil varnish a rich orange brown, lightly shaded with some light patina, giving the instrument a pleasing and subtle appearance.

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