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2010/2011 Cello after Stradivari 'B' form - reduced to 740mm  SOLD

A recent commission from a professional player with the brief of a slightly smaller Cello size in body and string length.
Initially the customer loved the previous Cello after Stradivari and was very tempted to purchase it, but finally decided to have a custom made instrument to accommodate her slightly smaller hand size.

The photos show some of the stages during the making process.

This page is now completed - latest thumbnail images at bottom - or click straight through to the  Cello picture gallery.

updated May 2011

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   Some initial design drawings of the neck and fingerboard elevation                                  the changed outline from the original
                                                                                                                                                                    Strad B-form to my new  design     

the wood selection                                                                                                         the jointed back

the mould and blocks                                                                               the finished rib structure

back arching                                                                                                   ...and fluting

the back arch and fluting completed                                                                  outlines compared

                                  the front arching in progress                                                                                     front with ff-hole design

ff fluting in low angle light                                                                 the ff hole design and purfling

                              the linings smoothed with fine shark skin                                            linen strips reinforce the inside of the ribs

                                   the bass bar glued and shaped                                                                           the front with f-holes cut

                                             scroll carving                                                                                                      the finished scroll

                                         the closed sound box                                                                                             and the back view

                                        the finished Cello front view                                                                                 and the back

 For some more details and photos of the finished Cello click here.


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