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2010/2011 Cello after Stradivari 'B' form - reduced to 740mm  SOLD

A commission from a professional player with the brief of a slightly smaller Cello size in body and string length.

The original Stradivari 'Forma B' was the blue print for his many golden period Celli. By subtly redrawing his original outline I arrived at a body length of 740mm and the required 680mm string length (a length often found in many old English school Celli - just like the Hill Cello my client had the use of over many years).

A beautiful flamed set of matched Bosnian maple was used for back, ribs and scroll and a straight even grained old Alpine spruce for the front. The oil resin varnish of a transparent dark orange-chestnut colour.

A recent comment from the owner:

' Dear Steffen...As for the 'cello - well, I LOVE it.  I haven't  had a chance to try it in orchestra but playing it solo, I feel comfortable in a way I have never felt before playing any 'cello.  It sounds beautiful, it speaks so easily, it is so even - it is perfect for me.  I cannot thank you enough for your commitment in making it so tailor made for me.  For me, there is no comparison between your 'cello and the Hill.  I only wish I had asked you to make me a 'cello all those years ago!  '

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