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Hamma, Walter:  Italian Violin Makers 1976 HB leather
Meister Italienischer Geigenbaukunst : Italian Violin Makers: Maitres Luthiers Italiens
Schuler 1971 (3.Edition) , 727pp. quarter leather, gold embossed hardback, dustjacket and original cardboard box. Text in German - English - French.  An important book by this former major German dealer and expert on classical Italian violin makers of most schools, illustrated throughout.  CONTENTS: Foreword,  Some pages from the firm's history,  The value of a violin, The trade in old instruments, Their purchase and authentication, Index of selected illustrated masterpieces.Sold

Henley, William. Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers, Vol. 1 - 5 leather  bound in one volume.
Brighton: Amati Publishing, First Edition 1959. 1268 pp., full dark maroon leather, gilt titles; condition VG
The classic dictionary of violin,viola, cello & bow makers. £220

Henley, William. Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers standard edition
Brighton: Amati Publishing, 1973, 1268 pp.. 1268 pp., black binding HB; condition good, light breaks to hinges and in binding
The classic dictionary of violin,viola, cello & bow makers. £120

Henley, William. Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Instruments
Amati Publ. Brighton 1961. 1.Ed. VG, dj G. 98 pp. + many b/w plates, dark red cloth with gilded title on spine.
The author gives details on varnish, tone, models and measurements on many of the Stradivari Violins listed in this worthwhile compilation. £20

Hill, William Henry - Hill, Arthur - Hill, Alfred Ebsworth. The Violin-Makers of the Guarneri Family (1626 - 1762) 1. Edition 1931 London: W.E.Hill & Sons, 1931.
4to, Quarter-Leather. Very good. r1/4 leather/vellum & green cloth, large 4to, 300 x 245 mm 181 + 4 pp. + numerous ill. col. & b/w, folding maps. Content: 1. Andrea Guarneri 2. Pietro Guarneri of Mantua 3. Guiseppe fil.Andrea 4. Guarneri del Gesu 5. del Gesu's violins 6. The tonal aspect 7. The house of Guarneri 8. Pietro Guarneri of Venice. A superb edition and the original 1931 Hill print of their magnificent opus, the classic book on the Guarneris', an essential read and study book, greatly enriching the knowledge of these Italian masters, with some great photos and plates in both colour and black and white (the latter showing amazing detail, often washed out in colour photos). This is a heavy and substantial book £325

Hill, William Henry - Hill, Arthur - Hill, Alfred Ebsworth. The Violin-Makers of the Guarneri Family (1626 - 1762) London:Holland Press 1965 4to, VG with dj. large 4to, 181 + 4 pp. + numerous ill. col. & b/w, folding maps. Content: 1. Andrea Guarneri 2. Pietro Guarneri of Mantua 3. Guiseppe fil.Andrea 4. Guarneri del Gesu 5. del Gesu's violins 6. The tonal aspect 7. The house of Guarneri 8. Pietro Guarneri of Venice. A nice early reprint of the classic book on the Guarneris', an essential read and study book, greatly enriching the knowledge of these Italian masters, with some great photos in both colour and black and white.. £50

Hopfner Rudolf : Meisterwerke der Geigenbaukunst. Masterpieces of Violin-Making :
The Collection of Bowed Stringed Instruments of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank. Sold

Jaeger, Emmanuel: Venetian Instruments. Les Violons. Paintings and Drawings & Jean-Frederic Scmitt, Marc Le Bot, Dominique Saatdjian, Etienne Vatelot, Charles Beare, Bernard Millant, Rene Morel, Jean-Christophe Graff.
Published by Association pour la Promotion des Arts, Hotel de Ville de Paris, France, 1995 HB, 295 pp. with many col. illustrations of fine Venetian violin family instruments and paintings.
Text in English. Condition: Hardback cover with wear, smudges, some damp stain to page edges.
Contents: Violin Making and Musical Tradition in the XVIIIth century Venice Emmanuel Jaeger Venice, Violin Making and History Jean-Frédéric Schmitt Venice or a Secret and its Lineage : Etienne Vatelot, Charles Beare, Bernard Millant, René Morel, Jean-Frédéric Schmitt, Jean-Christophe Graff Prestigious Venetian Stringed Instruments The Eye of Painter The Soul of the Violin Marc Le Bot The Violinist and his Double Dominique Saatdjian Paintings and Drawings of Beautiful Stringed Instruments £80

Jalovec, Karel : Encyclopedia of Violin-Makers 2 Vol., 1986 
London: Paul Hamlyn, 1968. 2vol.set: 482 & 399 pp. Many illustrations b/w and colour, as well as labels of many makers. All major schools covered with a lot hard to find information.  Very  rare and collectible for makers, dealers, collectors and connoisseurs by a former French authority on the Violin families instruments and bows.  A heavy set. Sale  £125 £100

Jalovec, Karel :  Houslari Italie - Italian Violin Makers 1948  A very rare first edition, 20 issues in stapled wraps. published in Prague, 1948. Thus preceding the better known editions. Not listed in Regazzi, and quite unknown. Bilingual parallel text in Czech and English. 615 pp over 19 volumes, volume 20 with the various plans (35 drawings) - erroneously numbered no. 21!  numerous b/w plates of fine instruments, many makers labels within the large dictionary content (listing Italian makers both alphabetically as well as by place of occupation. Also including scale outlines and many measurements of thicknesses and dimensions of instruments by Nicolo Amati - Cremona (4 Violins), G.Bertolotti - Brescia (Violin & Contrabasso), A.Guarneri & J.Guarneri - Cremona (2 Violins), Guarneri del Gesu - Cremona (3 Violins, 1 Viol & 1 Cello! - 4 plates), Maggini - Brescia (Violin), L. Storioni - Cremona ( Violin), Antonio Stradivari - Cremona ( 9 Violins, 1 Contrabasso, C.Tononi - Venice (Violin), P.Zanetto - Brescia (Cello, 4 plates).  Condition used, some wear, wraps with some tears etc. £100

Jalovec, Karel: The Violin Makers of Bohemia, including craftsmen of Moravia and Slovakia.
With many plates and labelsPublisher: Anglo-Italian Publication Limited, London, 1959, HC.sold

Kalischer, Alfr. Chr.. Beethovens Sämtliche Briefe 5 Vol. Kritische Ausgabe Mit Erläuterungen (Beethovens' Complete Letters). 
Berlin & Leipzig: Schuster & Loeffler, 1906. First Edition. 8vo, Half-Cloth. Very Good 1906 - 1908, top edge gilt, gilt leather tiltle on spine, gilt decorated boards, coloured printed endpapers, 
Vol I (1783 - 1810) 16+340pp., Vol II (1811 - 1815) 13+320pp., Vol III (1816 - 1818) 14+300pp., Vol IV (1819 - 1823) 13+351pp., Vol V (1824 - 1827) 13+362 ( 42 index) +2. 
With small ex - libris of 'Regina Sulger Gebing', also small dealer sticker on inner boards, corners lightly bend, showing the first sign of wear, top and bottom of spines lightly creased, Vol I has its rear board bend, the sets pages are slightly wavy, Vol IV light soiling on cover and light tear to page margins 137 - 142, Vol V with signature of 'Regina Sulgur - Gebing 1908'. Altogether a very nice and clean set.   £80 rare

(Domenico Dragonetti and his two Stradivarius Violins) La Chaux-de-Fonds, 1991 34pp., 268mmx 174mm, quarter leather, 6 colour photographs, tissue paper, Bi-lingual text in French and English. A wonderful book of those famous Stradivari Violins , the 1706 Dragonetti and the 1728 Milanollo. Sale  £120 £100 rare

Lebet, Claude: ROMA & I SUOI LEUTARI  Luthiers of Rome  Rome 2007
443 pp in Italian and English parallel text. Sold

Lebet, Claude:  Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers  Vol 3, 1985 First (and only) edition, Hardback with dustjacket, Les Amis De La Musique , Brussels1985, in French.The  follow up edition of Rene Vannes 2 Vol. Dictionnaire Universal des Luthiers. Many makers listed, important biographical details and label facsimiles. £120 rare

Le Canu: Les Luthiers Francais - Vol.3,  Paris 1995   Edition Caennaise; 1995; 88 pages; out of print hardback with many interesting instruments of the French School;  numerous colour photographs and information on the makers. Full list of makers see photos. VG condition, dust jacket with light marks.   Sold

Lyon & Healy The Hawley Collection of Violins with a History of Their Makers and a Brief Review of the Evolution and Decline of the Art of Violin Making in Italy 1540 - 1800.
Chicago, Illinois: Lyon & Healy, 1904. First Edition. Folio, Hard Cover. limited to 2000 copies, 317 x 240 mm, 105 pp. with 36 full page colour and b/w plates and tissue guards. Preface, Introduction by Theodore Thomas, Sketch of Royal De Forest Hawley by A. H. Pitkin, extensive listing and description of the Hawley collection comprising of: Violins by A.Stradivari (The Healy 1711, The Earl 1722); Guarneri del Gesu ( The King Joseph 1737, The Jarnowick 1741); Nicola Amati ( The Goding 1662; G. P. Maggini ( The Hawley Maggini); Carlo Bergonzi ( The Tarisio 1732); G. B. Rogeri (The Hawley Rogeri 1699); G. B. Guadagnini ( The Hawley Guadagnini 1780); J. Guarneri fil. Andrea (The Hawley J. fil. Andrea 1694); Jacob Stainer ( The Hawley Stainer 1659 ); Nicolas Lupot ( The Hawley Lupot 1809); Followed by chapters on: An Analysis of the Work of the Followers of the Great Masters - The Schools of Cremona, Florence, Milan, Turin, Venice, Mantua and Others; Francois Tourte, Bow-maker, 1747 - 1835; Epilogue; Table of measurements (of the collections instruments). Condition of this old publication is good, wear to boards, a few light page tears/ repairs in the margins, binding slightly loose, a few light annotations by prev. owner. This is Lyon and Healys' most famous and imporatent catalogue, celebrating their acquisition of the well-known violin collection owned by Mr. Royal De Forest Hawley of Hartford. £160

Lütgendorff , Willibald Leo: Die Geigen und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart.
Nach den besten Quellen bearbeitet. 2 Bände
(The Violin- and Lute-makers from the middle ages to the present) 2 Volumes, HB., Text in German, Many labels, brandstamps, lists of places of works, biogr details etc.1975 of the 6. Edition, Hans Schneider, Tutzing. £120

Magrini, Cesare: Augusto e Gaetano Pollastri - Liutai in Bologna 1877-1960 - Violin Makers in Bologna 1877-1960
Cremona , 1990, hardback, dj, as new, 85pp, text in Italian, English and German.numerous photos - an important work on the Pollastri Italian violin makers..£90 Sale £75

Millant, Roger: J. B. Vuillaume: Sa Vie et Son Ouvre by (His Life and Work) De Luxe Leather edition. 
In French - English and German  (Andrew Hill, Transl.). J. B. Vuillaume - Sa Vie et Son Euvre (His Life And Work - Der Künstler Und Seine Werke).
W.E.Hill & Sons, 1972. First Edition De Luxe. Limited edition of 500; Small 4to, 208 pp. + 80 b/w and colour plates. 
With a foreword by Desmond Hill.  Full leather binding, gilt boards / spine. Separate sections in English, French, and German followed by 80 plates showing instruments, labels, manuscripts. In publisher's black-paper slipcase (slight scuffing, surface paper loss). The book in very good condition. A well produced book on this famous and influential French maker. Sale £325 £275

Möller, Max (vader en zoon): Italiaanse vioolbouw van Gaspar da Salo tot Pressenda. beknopt overzicht van ontstaan en ontwikkeling der vioolbouw in Italië
( Italian violin making from Gaspar da Salo to Pressenda. brief overview of the origins and development of violin making in Italy )
Amsterdam : Max Möller (Moller), 1938 viii, 61 pp., 39 photo plates, HB linen, text in Dutch. Limited edition No. 564 Condition: corners & edges rubbed - worn, linen cover with splits and marks, slightly loose binding £80

Gio Batta Morassi
many colour illustrations 111pp, 320 x 230mm, SB.
Text in English. Contents: Preface Gio Batta Morassi - Biographical details - Competitions, conferences, appointments - Awards diplomas, honors - Pupils - Morassi relates. The instruments: Viola 1966 - Viola d'amore 1966 - Cello 1966 - Viola da gamba 1967 - Viola 1968 - Violin 1973 - Pochette 1975 - Violin 1981 - Violin 1992 - Cello 1999 - Violin 1999 - Instruments measurements - Labels, brand stamps and certificates of authenticity - Bibliography  Sale £50  £40

Mosconi, Andrea & Witten, Laurence: Capolavori di Andrea Amati
[catalogo della] mostra, Palazzo Comunale di Cremona, 9-18 ottobre, 1982 Cremona, 1991, 96pp, softcover, 4to, many colour and b/w ill.
A highly informative publication on the father of the Cremonese violin making tradition. With some measurements of instruments, text in Italian and English. Contenet: Presentazione, Introduzione, Gli strumenti di Andrea Amati 1. Violino W. E. Hill & Sons 2. Violino Tullie House Museum, Carlisle 3. Violino Comune di Cremona 4. Violino A. Kurtz 5. Violino Witten, ora Shrine to Music Museum, Vermillion, SD. 6. Viola Witten, ora Shrine to Music Museum, Vermillion, SD. 7. Violoncello Witten, ora Shrine to Music Museum, Vermillion, SD.
(In English) Introduction, The instruments of Andrea Amati, Esami acustici ,Note per una bibliografia su Andrea Amati  Sale £25 £20



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