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Viola after A. & H. Amati of 1615

This Brothers Amati Viola is inspired by the ex Danks / Stauffer (now back at home in Cremona) of 1615.
It is one of the earliest Alto Violas in existence and is the earlier one of the 2 known by the Brothers Amati.
Its body length is also 16.25'' - 413mm with a slightly shortened 'Stop' to bring the string length  to a comfortable  376mm.
The outline is of a flowing elegance with typically long Amati style corners ( and the matching long purfling mitres). The back is of very handsome quarter cut Bosnian Maple (air dried since 1990).
One half 'flipped' over to give an continuous appearance of the deep flame - a customary 'trick' by the Amati family. The front is of dead straight even grained Italian spruce - showing close similarities to the original.
A thin oil resin varnish is applied over a mineral ground, giving a warm golden amber colour and allowing  maximum clarity and visual depth.
The sound of this Viola is even and clear with a round tone and projection.  (click on photos for larger images)


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