Steffen Nowak, Maker of fine Violins, Violas and Cellos in baroque and modern style


2007 Andrea Guarneri Viola is inspired by the 'Conte Vitale' of 1676.   SOLD

The 1 piece slab back of well seasoned spectacularly figured English sycamore (actually the real European  maple - acer pseudoplatanus) - not unlike the one found on the ex Primrose Guarneri - only mine with less knots!
The front is of Italian spruce with a very attractive hazel figure (Germ.: Haselfichte; amer. - bearclaw spruce).
The body length is 16.25'' - 413mm with a string length of 373mm.
2 coats of a lightly pigmented transparent oil varnish over a mineral ground give a warm glowing hue, reflecting  orange and red from within the golden ground.
This model with its broad outline and wide C-bout maximises the air volume in the sound box,
which together with close attention to the originals deep fluted edges produces a warm velvety sound and rich harmonic overtones.

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