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Violin after A. Stradivari 1709 with carved 'Bee head'

A recent commission from a friend, former player in my quartet and long term customer Deborah Hamilton.
Deborah commissioned me to make a special 'Bee' viola for her almost 20 years ago, and this project follows a similar path.
A modern violin after Stradivari, the wood old seasoned Bosnian maple and an Alpine spruce front from the 1980's.
To keep things even more interesting the head, instead of the classical scroll, is adorned with a bumble bee, originally designed and carved by the talented Mark Barlow, now living in North Wales.
Having decided to carve the bee myself this time I have enjoyed the challenge to redesign it from walnut, boxwood and ebony, and it will again be completed with gold filigree wings by Bristol jeweller Harriet St. Leger.
Will there ever be a Cello in the same manner? Watch this space in 2036!

The violin is now finished and has flown to Devon where it is enjoying a happy and busy life with its owner Deborah.
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This page documents the making of this one-off comission:
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