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Viola after Andrea Guarneri 1676 (Conte Vitale)

My latest Viola inspired by the Andrea Guarneri Conte Vitale of 1676.
I love using slab backs for Violas;  they can result in gorgeous richly textured darker sounds if the whole concept of the instrument bears that idea in mind.
The back is of deeply figured continental maple, and the front of old Alpine spruce, with an even medium wide grain displaying some prominent hazel markings.
The whole instrument is quite light weight due to the relatively low density tone-woods used. The resulting sound is dark, well balanced, even and with a strong projecting core.
The oil varnish is of a rich and warm orange brown colour, with hints of red over a golden ground.
The body length is just under 16.5’’ (420mm) and the string length is 376mm.
It’s not a small instrument by any means, but neither so large that it can’t be managed comfortable by most players.
The sound is warm, even and responsive and should mature very nicely.





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