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Viola after  Gasparo da Salo 16 5/8'' (423mm). SOLD

My latest Gasparo da Salo inspired viola, a larger instrument, but with the quite manageable string length typical to the Brescian design. The well seasoned sound woods used here are a stunningly beautiful one piece slab back of my favourite Sycamore tree - not many of these left in my wood store. The ribs and scroll from the same tree. The front of high quality even grained Alpine spruce. The fine rosewood fittings by Harald Lorenz. The transparent oil varnish of a rich orange brown is shaded, resulting in a warm 'aged' appearance without being antiqued.

The first sound trials are very positive - this Viola when not even 1 week old was chosen by Kay Stephen of the Gildas quartet for their recital during their BVMA makers days exhibition. Its sound carried very well and blended well with the other chosen quartet instruments, whilst retaining its unique voice and character.


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