Steffen Nowak, Maker of fine Violins, Violas and Cellos in baroque and modern style

Violin after Carlo Bergonzi, Cremona 1737

A new interpretation of a model by this superb Cremonese maker.
The stunning one piece back of Bosnian maple, matched ribs and a fine quality Italian Alpine spruce front captures the classical look of the originals.
I have used construction methods and ideas quite unique to Bergonzi with this violin, not all of importance to the violins functionality but of stylistic interest nevertheless.

The warm transparent oil varnish of a rich orange brown colour and the high quality fittings by Lorenz.
A very mellow even tone with a strong response over its register.
This violin, even though only recently finished, received the 5th. highest score for sound at the 2012 Cremona Triennale.

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