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2012 Baroque Violin after Nicolo Amati 1666

A new Baroque style violin based on a grand pattern after Nicolo Amati from 1666. A great model - the sound strong and yet sweet with a fine resonance.
The deeply flamed back of East European maple - I have used cuts from the same tree for quite a few years now on several violins, both modern and baroque with very good results. The ribs matching. The front of fine grained Alpine spruce.
The varnish a rich transparent golden orange with hints of red and amber. SOLD

A recent comment by a professional player (Mr. Rafael Font):

'There is no doubt it is an amazing instrument. It feels great under both hands, is extremely easy to make (it) speak and to finger, and all the notes are where they should be (in every other baroque setup instrument I have played it is impossible to finger all the fifths without having to make adjustments in the position and angle of the hand).

The tone is loud, very bright and cutting but sweet at the same time, which makes it stand out in an ensemble without having to work hard or overpowering the other instruments. I can comfortably say  that it is by far the best modern made violin I have played.'

Mr. Rafael Font has now purchased this violin.


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