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2010 Viola after  Gasparo da Salo 16 5/8'' (423mm). SOLD

Inspired by the recently sold ex. 'Leon Barzin and David Kates' Gasparo da Salo. A rare original to come onto the auction market and sold by Christies New York for $542,500 in April 2010. With a back length of  17 3/8 in. (441 mm) this Viola has escaped the mainly 19th. century habit of reducing these wonderful tenors in size.

Taking the general proportions of the original I decided on a manageable back length of 16 5/8'' with a string length of 376mm.
The back, sides and head  are from well seasoned Bosnian maple and the front Italian spruce, closely matching the original.
The high quality rosewood fittings are  by Harald Lorenz, Germany.

In keeping with Da Salos' style and working methods the carved finish on this Viola shows a lot of natural tool marks and textures, further highlighted by the subtle natural unpolished varnish texture. Rather then over antiquing the surface I like a subtle shading, giving a warm mellow look and allowing for natural future wear.

The sound is warm with an easy response and rich bass.


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