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Violin after Antonio Stradivari 1709 'the Viotti ex Bruce'  SOLD

This is my latest interpretation of one Stradivaris' great violins, a golden period model of excellent classical proportions and design.
The original Violin is now part of the impressive London RAM collection. Formerly a concert violin of the Italian virtuoso Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755-1824)      who was largely responsible for creating awareness in the European concert halls for the superiority of this Cremonese master. Having been privately owned and rarely played for close to 200 years  it is today one of the best preserved  Stradivari violins in existence. Also with most of the delicate varnish coating remaining intact and some spectacular materials used it is as much a visual treat as it is for the ear.

For this violin some choice pieces of well seasoned wood were selected, closely following the original. A one piece back of Bosnian maple, with a fine even growth structure, and deep flames across its width. The front showing some very tight grain lines across the ff's gradually getting wider towards the flanks. The oil varnish a highly transparent warm orange red over a highly reflective golden ground.

The full size body and string length would make it suitable for most players. The initial sound trial shows it to be an even and finely balanced sound, with a dark strong bass and bright treble.        


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