Steffen Nowak, Maker of fine Violins, Violas and Cellos in baroque and modern style


Viola after Gasparo da Salo, Brescia 16.75 '' (424mm)   SOLD

A new design utilizing proportions and style elements of some of the larger Tenor Violas by this original Brescian maker.
A string length of 376mm and Stop of 222mm makes it quite manageable to play, though the generous wide proportions
would need a player with a larger hand when  reaching for the higher positions.
The belly is made from Alpine spruce with an intriguing hazel figure, this has been in my stock since the late 1980's.
The strongly figured slab back of native maple (sycamore) seasoned since 1994, as are the ribs and the scroll.


The patinated varnish is of a rich orange brown colour over a warm golden ground.
The sound is, as can be expected from a large viola like this is warm, rounded and with a depth and resonance to give it a very distinctive voice.

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