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Viola after Giovanni Battista Grancino 16.25 '' (413mm)  SOLD

Another take on this interesting design inspired by Violas of G.B. Grancino. Like for the 2008 interpretation I have chosen for the back another strongly figured piece of sycamore, this time a 2 piece slab back, with complimenting ribs and a superb Alpine spruce front of medium grain. The lightly shaded varnish is of a rich orange colour, showing reflections and depth from gold to darker shades of red and brown.
The high quality rosewood fittings are  by Harald Lorenz, Germany.
The sound of this Viola is very warm and responsive, even over the register and with a good projection. Not at all what many players might think a 'new' instrument sounds like.
The outline for this design is slightly modified from an original to arrive at a body length of 413mm with a string length of 378mm.

Early instruments by the Grancino family, Milan,  (1650 - ca. 1750)  bear some close similarities to the Amatis, not always as superbly finished but  holding their own for their design, flair and sound. The large and prolific Testore family, initially co-workers/followers of the Grancinos, pushed the boundaries of violinmaking even further, with both spontaneous working methods as well as a hurried and uncompromising finish, no doubt due to increased commercial pressure and lesser remuneration for their work.

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